The Sticker packs are back. This round I have mixed up some classics graphics with a few new fresh faces. Honestly I couldn’t decide what sticker to make and what ones to not, so I made them all. Heres a closer look at the full selection.  Ive added one last twist….. Listed in the store [...]
Chief Skull Is Back - 10-23-14
I believe I have been in the clothing ind for about 10+ yeas now, and have been drawing / designing professionally  same amount of time. I cant tell you how many tees I have designed in that time frame, but every once in a while a graphic like my chief skull will pop up and [...]
Inspiration Trip - 8-24-14
With the stress of finishing a season and everything else thats comes along with trying to run a successful business, its important to remember how to properly inspire ones self. Normally a city scape or some sort of urban setting is where we would try and pull inspiration but this round we wanted to extract [...]
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makin pancakes, making pumpkin pancakes... Happy Halloween all you pumpkin heads, Hope you all have ...
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Thank you again to all who ordered the version 2 monster mash tee, keep a lookout for your tees ...
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This was my pumpkin from last year, me a the kids are right in the middle of working on this years ...
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